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Online trading brokerages and scammers can be ruthless in their greed and corruption. Ivinvestigators can assist you to get your money back by guiding you each step of the way. We employ cutting-edge technology, forensics, data driven analytics and expertise in carrying out thorough investigations to help clients recover their funds from scams. Our team consists of dedicated professionals who carry out their tasks effectively and efficiently when you provide us the necessary documents to work with.

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Some Features that Makes us Unique

Claim Assessment

At Ivinvestigators, we thoroughly analyze your claims with the help of some of the best attorneys around. We are committed to getting your funds back from scams.Once your funds have been located using result-driven strategies,we ensure that no one will be able to claim your funds.

Intelligence Gathering

Our team of professionals act on actionable intelligence from reliable sources to ensure that funds and assets are returned to the rightful owners

Cutting-Edge Financial Forensics

Our team includes forensic experts who employ modern and cutting-edge technology in recovering your funds tracking down PayPal,Western Union,Moneygram,Bitcoin,Wire Transfers, and all other forms of payments.

Technical Skills

There are so many recovery service choices on the internet, the one to choose is usually the problem. We stay ahead of the croud by having a stell technical team.

Elite Customer Support & Service

We ensure that our clients get the best service in the process of recovering their funds and assets.Our agents are always active 24/7 to ensure that clients get the best service.

Positive Reviews

Its hard to find bad reviews of our service out there because we do put a lot of effort into getting things done.

A lot of binary options brokers are scam brokers .I lost $53,000 to Greenfields Capital. My life was in ruins and out of desperation, I also lost some money to other fake recovery firms. As a last resort ,I contacted Ivinvestigators and to my utmost surprise, I was able to recover all my funds.

Robert Langley / Doctor / UK

I contacted Ivinvestigators when I lost the sum of $120,000 to VIPOptions. Ivinvestigators is the best firm that offers fund recovery service.

Charles Barry/ Engineer / USA

I contacted Ivinvestigators when I had problems withdrawing from a crptocurrency trading platform, Coinbull.io. I am very grateful to Ivinvestigators for helping me recover my money from Coinbull as I almost committed suicide when I found out that Coinbull scammed me.

John Wang /Trader / Japan

Recovery of funds
without upfront payment

Inappropriate refund services will ask for upfront payment before rendering services. Our policy is recovery of your funds without upfront payment.

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